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and the other on the screen.

I CANNOT let myself get carried away and miss the 7 PM program on one of our educational channels. Why? Because this will be YD's "debut" as an interviewee--on TV.

Naturally, I told everybody at work about this.

I reached a good stopping point at work a little after 3 and took off early. I'd done preliminary inventories on four boxes. I think the collection has a total of eight.

These are from a woman who was a reading teacher most of her adult life and she has all sorts of material about teaching reading and the learning process. After the literacy training, I find much of the material possibly applicable to adults.

It's definitely beginning to be like fall--it's darker when I wake up and the evening is coming earlier. But it's the waking up light that I notice more. This morning was overcast and I ended up putting my headlights on. And the air is a bit cooler. It's still in the upper eighties, but the humidity is currently lower.

Once again I shall resolve to do some weeding tomorrow. I think I follow through on "resolves" about one in three times. or four. or five . . . But we had some rain today and the soil is nice and "loose."

And time is ticking by.

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