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2 Cat Night
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Yes, last night was definitely on the cool and comfortable side--in the low sixties. And the two small cats decided that they needed some extra body heat and settled down by/on me. The big guy had spent most of the evening trying to be a lap cat, but I wasn't particularly unhappy that he opted for the dining room chair for sleep time.

Fall should be starting officially any day now. Without the outlines of the academic year--with the swim classes in the summer--I have a hard time keeping track of changing months.

But it is pro football time!! And the Saints have sold out their season tickets, which means that all home games will be televised. It also means that if they continue to do halfway decently there will be a side "market" for tickets. I don't plan to sell any of mine, but I do plan to give some to relatives.

Not much else going on. The big trash company once again checked the empty barrel out front. "Subscribers" to that service have stickers on their mailboxes showing that they are current with their payments. Usually they go right by my house. Their current crew doesn't look for customer stickers but stops everywhere they seen a trash can. My private hauler picks up on Tuesdays, so the empty is usually still out there when they come by VERY early Wednesday. You'd think after several weeks of an empty barrel they'd catch on, but no. They won't go by until I have a huge amount of stuff and would not be at all unhappy to have them take it.

Maybe tomorrow I'll get at the weeds a bit. Or maybe I'll find something else to do that will justify procrastinating on the weeds.

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