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No Sweat!
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I realized a little while ago that I had not perspired to the point of dripping at all today. Between temps in the low 80s and a (low humidity) high pressure area, today was really cool, in most of the meanings of the word.

Naturally, this will not last forever, but it's definitely a harbinger of fall.

New Orleans is starting to gear up for Monday night, when the Saints return to the Dome and play the Falcons. There's a street party/pep rally by one of the TV stations Monday afternoon, with a local favorite (Cowboy Mouth) headlining it. Hotels have noticed a definite increase in reservations. Atlantans have traditionally come in large groups to Saints games. They ride the bus all night, party till game time, (assuming a Sunday afternoon game) then head on back to Atlanta. There won't be that many this year, not with the whole season a sellout.

Our #1 draft choice arranged for a resodding of the stadium that is home to many high school teams. It had flooded, of course. I'm not sure whether Bush (the football player) anted it up himself, or whether he got one of his many sponsers to pop for the $80K bill. At any rate, the field is great. The lockers rooms are not yet finished, but the field is great, and it's been re-named Reggie Bush Field. I don't know whether that is permanent or just for the opening game.

Fabian has found a new spot to settle. It's under the card table where I keep my computer, on top of the CPU. He likes it because he gets lots of head scritches when he's there.

I think last night I had a big cat and a little cat. I was sufficiently warm. I woke up about an hour early this morning when there was a bit of a crashing sound. It was one of the little cats knocking a lizard off the screen. I heeded the call of nature and when I got back the lizard had gone to lizard heaven. At least the screen wasn't damaged.

When I went to PJ's this afternoon I took along about half a dozen copies of Analog and Asimov's (with the address labels pulled off) as well as five or six books I'd registered with Bookcrossings. When I left there was only one of the books left and two sf magazines. Somebody will have something to read for the next few days!

And with the cool air and low humidity I actually gathered the energy to run the vacuum around this morning. I probably vacuumed up at least two cats' worth of hair.

I think the weather forecast is for a bit of a return of the humidity tomorrow. Darn.

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