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The weather, that is. Hot and humid, although not as bad as a couple of months ago. And it's far enough along in the year that we know the cool and dry will be back again soon.

With the hot and humid came afternoon showers. And today they were highly localized. Two blocks from the campus I ran into rain. Turned on the headlights and windshield wipers--and a mile later it was dry again.

I think I reached a stopping point with Mona (the name on the records.) I have done a preliminary inventory of 17 or 19 cartons of stuff and today I did some smaller boxes.

One of the smaller boxes was obviously not Mona--mail was addressed to someone else. And this person was apparently decorating a house, based on the correspondence, the magazine articles, and the bills. I feel like a total interior design klutz after reading some of the stuff. The address is in one of the Better Neighborhoods in New Orleans.

My last job of the afternoon was to check out a bunch of artwork done by a Newcomb student way back. Several of the pieces had mold on them, which means professional treatment. Once I'd gotten the mold inventory and the full inventory done and into the computer I was ready to head home. I'm sure there will be plenty to do on Monday.

And I'm pretty sure the lawn weed will still be there tomorrow.

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