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Bad Timing
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I though I was being so clever this morning. I checked the weather radar and it looked like I had maybe two hours before heavy showers arrived. So I hurried about and got to WalMart about 7:30. It generally takes me about an hour to shop, check out, etc. so it was 8:30 when I left. In my usual Sunday routine I stop at the WalMart gas station on the way home.

Oops! I forgot it didn't open till 9 AM. And I had frozen stuff. So, I headed back home and tried to decide on Plan B. After deep thought--and listening to Noam Chomsky talk about empire and such--I concluded that I needed a salad for supper--and I could get gas and then go to Wendy's for the salad. (Wendy's is in the same complex as WalMart and Sam's--and the gas station.) So I did.

Gas today was $2.209/gal for the regular. The lowest price at "name" stations is $2.269.

YD called this evening and managed to talk me into going to the Saints game tomorrow after all. She's willing to put up with my slowness etc. I'm going back to two crutches--they'll help with the distance and the stairs, but most of all any waiting in line at the ladies' room. In return she asked me to please not be in the hospital in December again. (That was the case last year, and in 2003.)

"Desparate Housewives" returns for the new season this evening. I didn't watch it at first, but now, like many others, I'm sort of hooked.

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