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"It" being another bit of fall weather. I don't think I had a drop of sweat today, even though it was collect and put out trash day.

I caught a morning nap to catch up a bit on last night and the excitement and all. This town is riding high today with that very definitive victory against the dirty birds. It's good to have something to be cheerful about around here.

I accomplished very little household-wise, but I did get quite a bit of geek reading done at PJ's this afternoon.

When I got home I found a message from Discover Security checking up on a recent charge. With all the phishing e-mail around I called the number on my credit card instead of the one that was left. It turned out to be legit.

I practically never use that card. I have donation (small) taken out each month automatically, so I guess when they got a late evening charge from a gas station by an interstate it triggered a check. Nice to know at least one card company has a security alert system.

Come to think of it, so does another credit card. My late husband managed to leave it on a counter once and the next day he got a call. There were several charges from New Orleans that didn't match the stuff he usually charged. So, they gave us cards with new numbers and there were no problems about the fraudulaent purchases.

This evening I'll try to finish the Monk mystery I started reading yesterday while we killed time before the gates opened at the game.

And get to bed at a decent hour, cuz it's a work day tomorrow.

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