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Just Another Day
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I had a somewhat harder time waking up this morning. First, it's darker. Second, it was cooler, so I had the afghan over me, secured firmly by a 25 pound cat.

I may have mentioned my theory about cat brain waves synchronizing with human brain waves so that both cat and human under the cat have very deep naps. It also works at night.

Got in to work today and learned that those 17 or 19 boxes that I did a preliminary inventory on had become my next project. I got out my copies of the preliminary inventory and listed box numbers that had similar items, such as "teaching aids." I spent the day working out of two different boxes and trying to make some kind of sense out of everything. We decided not to pitch the leftover teaching aids (like reading games, etc.) but they'll be put out for the taking when the library has a book sale. I took several home with me because they may be of interest at the literacy center.

Just another day.

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