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Those 1 2/3 boxes are now all neatened up, in new acid-free folders with lots of beyond-two duplicates removed. And the folders are arranged in a sort-of logical order in just one box. I typed up the inventory of the box and told the downstairs librarian where I was putting it for the time being--namely back on the shelf where the others are stored temporarily.

The literacy person called me this afternoon about a probable student. (Student had already called me.) I told L.P. (Nancy) about all the goodies I've been wading through for the past couple of weeks and that I was saving all sorts of duplicates for her. One of them is a list of "survival words"--things like "Danger," "Do Not Touch," and that kind of thing.

This evening's drive home was "old normal" with an accident at the base of the High Rise to mess things up. My timing was pretty good on that though, and I was in the lane furthest from it. It was nowhere near the total gridlock that is possible.

The weather forecasters are actually using the word "cold" when referring to night temperatures next week. I wonder if I'll give up and light the furnace pilot. My gas bills are so nice and low without that--and the furnace actually heating the house. I figured out once that shutting off the pilot in the summer saved at least $5 a month--and that was quite a while ago.

And talking about "ago"--as I was processing this current batch of stuff I came across a stamped envelope--with a 2 cent stamp! I don't know when the postage went up to the three cents it was during most of my growing-up years, so this envelope probably dates back to the thirties.

I'm working again tomorrow. This three consecutive days is for the birds. But that's the price of watching the Saints blow away the Falcons--and being part of something really special.

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