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This week has been totally messed up by the football game. Because I went there (and loved every minute of it) I decided it wasn't a good idea to work after a late night. That left me with three days in a row. So it's already the weekend.

Not that I'm complaining! But next week I'll be back to a 3-day weekend and a day off in the middle of the week. Except, of course, if there's another night football game. Or something else.


I got another box completely processed and recorded. There's one more box left that I noted (in the preliminary inventory) had teaching stuff in it. This one will keep me busy.

I'm starting to recognize the various student workers. Avram (I guess that's how he spells it) is easy. I think he's the only guy student worker at the Women's Center. Then there's a girl from North Dakota. She never heard of the town where the friend I made on the abortive Kenya trip is from. I SHALL look it up this evening.

I mentioned before that one of my (former) Xavier colleagues is working in a back corner of the library--a quiet place--as a Visiting Scholar. She's doing a book about Russian women. She also mentioned that they still hadn't had their house in New Orleans East demolished.

Yes, it's been more than a year, but the manpower just is not there for the immensity of the task. Sometimes it seems like we have half of Central America here working hard--but it still isn't enough.

So, I guess today is Friday, but I have to get up early tomorrow because I'm meeting the literacy person at their office at 8 AM. I have a big bag of "goodies" for them that I culled from the boxes I've been working on.

The cooler weather here has meant VERY friendly cats. What is their problem with a little cool weather? They've got fur coats--why do they have to hog the blanket? But they ARE nice and cuddly. I'll accept that, because they also share body heat with me. Better than cupboard love, which is all about the animal. (Or, I suppose, it could be about a human "guest" who just happens to stop by at meal time.)

Yesterday I Frontlined two of the three and today I see a LOT fewer fleas on them. Now I have to catch Lady (BadCat) and do her. She's probably responsible for bringing them in from outside in the first place.

So today is Friday and next week I'll be stretching out my work week--none of this three days in a row stuff.

And the weather is cool with low humidity.

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