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Up and Out Early
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I was out of the house a bit after 7:30 so I could meet with the literacy person down at their office. We ended up gabbing about two hours, and maybe a third of it was about reading and my potential pupil. The rest was our various "life adventures" etc. She's also over 60. She has just finished having her foundation (house) leveled with the cable-lock system. Most of the workers spoke Spanish, of course. And worked incredibly efficiently.

The location of the office is such that the most efficient way to get headed back home is to cut through the back way to the neighboring shopping center then take advantage of the traffic light there. Straight ahead from the traffic light is the entrance to Arby's, so I had an early lunch today and read YD's winning story. It is in L. Ron Hubbard presents Writers of the Future - volume XXII, ISBN 1-59292-345-7. (Just in case you want to buy your own.)

There's an election today--a couple of local issues, two state offices that were hit by a death and a resignation respectively, and something like 13 constitutional amendments. I didn't like any of the people running for the state offices, and about the only amendments I had an opinion on will probably pass overwhelmingly (they relate to flooding and levees) so I figured I'd call YD and see what her and her husband's opinions were regarding the state offices. Bottom line, they didn't have strong feelings either, so for the first time in years and years, I didn't vote. One of my concerns was the problem of standing in line for any length of time, although I'm sure I could have found a chair, or they would have taken pity on me and let me cut ahead.

There will be another election in November and I'll vote then. Neither of our US Senators are up for election, and even though the incumbent Representative is not my favorite party, he's brilliant and works for Louisiana. (He also assisted with the birth of his third child, when the kid decided to be born at home. His wife, of course, did all the work.)

About the only other thing I've done today is a bit of driveway weeding. Oh yeah--and I brought in the paper bags I store the used newspapers in from the car and added some more duct tape so they don't fall apart completely. Paper bags are a definite endangered species nowadays. The bags had been sitting in the back of the car for a couple of weeks--since I last went to the recycle place. (But I had all of last week's groceries out of the car by Thursday!)

I can get used to this somewhat cooler weather and cats sleeping with me again.

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