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Because of her and her propensity to "let" herelf out by tearing at the screen door, I spent the better part of the afternoon trying to cat-proof the door so it looked a little less tacky.

I added another layer of screen to the outside, plus some chicken wire. I swore at the staple gun more than once. Then I went inside and added a full layer of screen (salvaged from the re-screening of the entire porch) and yet another layer of chicken wire. Along the way I stubbed my big toe and it feels slightly sprained. The good news is that it is on the bad leg so its discomfort while I'm walking will not be noticeable compared to the hip, which hurts only when I put weight on it. If my luck continues, sometime in the next few days I shall probably step on a staple that that fell on the floor rather than go into the door. (There are quite a few of these, and I'm sure I missed some when I was picking up.)

I watched the football game this afternoon and the Saints didn't quite beat the Panthers. Next Sunday is a home game, as is the Sunday after that.

Spotted a new (to me) Patricia Cornwell mystery at WalMart this morning. I may start that while I watch TV this evening.

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