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Nothing spectacular happened, nothing unusual.

But I did get another box finished up at work. Little by little these things are getting done.

The library was not terribly quiet this afternoon--workmen were installing piciture rails--those moldings at the ceiling juncture from which you then hang pictures, thus avoiding the dreaded Holes in Walls.

That took me back to my college days, where that was the only acceptable way of hanging pictures. (And taping things to walls was a mortal sin.)

I realized I had forgotten to pick up a daily parking pass from the office on Friday. As I neared the campus I called the secretary. Her timing was exquisite--she was down the stairs and out the door just as I slowed down, opened the car window, and took delivery of the parking pass. Later I went uptairs and got two more for the rest of the week. It's not the first time I've forgotten, and I think I'll get her a PJ's card as a Thank You. There's a PJ's on the Tulane campus--in fact that's where I first got hooked. And I've seen the secretary with a PJ's cup.

Tomorrow's an at-home day and once again I'm giving thoughtful consideration to weeding. Even if I don't get to the far side yard, I can plug away some more at the driveway. Although today was somewhat on the warm side, still it's a lot better than a month ago--or even two weeks ago.

And I MUST get started on the income tax! Actually, that's probably a somewhat higher priority than weeding. Darn.

As you can tell, today is only a millimeter above an IUD.

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