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With a title like the above, you can probably figure that today was an IUD. So let's see what tidbits can be drawn out.

I had a calico cat keeping the sheet from flying off me most of the night. She has turned into quite the passion flower.

BadCat apparently decided that it was nice enough outside that she could survive the entire night. She's learned that meowing under the den window will usually get her access. Actually, it's probably kitty blackmail, because if I don't get up and let her in she'll try to tear the screens off.

It needs to be little cooler than last night before Fabian the Flabulous wants to cuddle--all 25 pounds of him.

Okay--that was last night. I decided that it wasn't worth the effort to get the trash barrel up to the street--it was only about 1/3 full, and even adding the 2/3 bag from the kitchen wouldn't fill it. Besides, my hip was bothering me.

Instead, I did some bookkeeping, such as adding in the monies that get magically added to my account on the first of the month. And then subtracting the bills that are magically paid from the account.

Then it was off to the post office and then PJ's for lunch and some reading. The selection I'm reading now has footnotes, but the books/articles referred to are not in the bibliography at the end of the book. (The book is a collection of articles.) And the second time a reference is cited in the footnotes, it just gives the last name of the source author and the date. (This is SOP.) So I spent too much time going back through about 70 footnotes trying to find the first time the source was cited so I could either buy the book or find it at a library. Very frustrating, especially since I didn't find either of the original citations. (Maybe I'll try again while I watch TV.)

I worked off my frustration at that by swimming. My time is getting better, and today I did 3/4 of a mile in about 50 minutes. That puts the mile-in-an-hour a lot closer. I'll swim again on Friday or Saturday.

The Saints play at home this coming Sunday--and the next one. YD is checking with her husband to see if he wants the tickets, or perhaps his son. (I've given tickets to step-grandson before.) With the Superdome a sellout for the season I can see it on TV. Yeah, it's more fun being "in that number" but it's not always practical.

Oh--I left a couple of books at PJ's. As one of the "mature" staff (most of the staff is high school and college kids) headed for home, she stopped at that book shelf and grabbed one of them. (I also put out several Analog and Asimov's magazines.) Books and magazines such as that don't stay too long--plenty of people have discovered that particular shelf.

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