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I had chicken-wired the inside of the screen door, fastening it with staples from a staple gun.

However, somehow it got partially pulled out. I wonder how.

And that bent the chicken wire, so it needs to be unbent, then stapled again. AND--some wood trim on top. I don't think there's any of that in the garage (although anything is possible.) I am lousy at getting nails in straight--I hardly ever have need to do it, but I guess I'll have to for this.

Other than that, it's been a nice day. I took a slightly different route to get out of Slidell this morning and I think that even though it's a bit longer, it is definitely faster. Traffic driving in was just fine also. I left Newcomb a bit after 4 and missed the afternoon build-up. Maybe the driving karma was a reward for the frustrations of the torn chicken wire.

I spent today pulling legal and financial stuff out of about five boxes and getting them all together into one. The floor around is covered with little brown pieces of broken paper. Much of this stuff was in a scrapbook, and that paper does NOT hold up.

I'm beginning to (mentally) put together a family tree for this woman. Her maternal aunt is rather interesting--she eloped with an "inappropriate" guy, then three months later got divorced. And within six months she had remarried, this time to a nephew of the founder of one of the major N.O. department stores. (Krauss, for those who know the area.)

The downstairs library was a beehive of activity today. New furniture arrived! Katrina was not kind to furniture. There's a gorgeous librarian desk that curves around and can accomodate the usual computers and a lot of other stuff. There are a bunch of brand new study carrels. The originals were a hand-me-down from the Law Library.

They're putting in a sprinkler system in front of the building, which may be why they took away the bicycle racks. One of the student workers rode up just as I got there and we didn't see any place for his bike, so he took it inside.

To complete the mild chaos of today the Wednesday bridge group had three tables this week instead of their usual two. They meet in the big lobby and are very nice people.

When I arrived home BadCat spotted me coming down the driveway and ran to greet me and her back scritched.

Tomorrow's a work day, then I have a really long weekend. I was scheduled for some back stuff on Tuesday, but that got moved back to Monday. If it cools down a bit I'll be able to get some weeding and yard stuff done.

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