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Generally speaking, today was, for the most part, a Mostly Unproductive Day.

I woke up early, then dozed off watching Regis and Kelly. Regis wasn't there today--Emeril Lagasse was. I've found Kelly not bad when she's not with Regis. But they have interesting guests. I puttered around the house a bit, did some computer stuff, supervised by a certain large orange cat who has decided that sitting on top of the CPU puts him in scritching range. (At the moment a black and white cat is keeping the lid of the printer in place.) I do a lot of dusting around here, although it should probably be referred to as cat furring.

There was an appeal by a local church still doing Katrina relief work for bedding. I gave this group an eight-place setting of melmac a couple of months ago. The woman who picked it up (very nice) said they'd split it into two four-place settings, so it would go further.

At any rate, I decided this would be an outstanding opportunity to clean out the linen closet and get rid of excess bedding. Aside from the fact that I'm not sleeping in the bed at the moment (the couch is more comfortable) I have no need for more than two sets of twin size sheets and one set of bedding for the futon. I found what I think is a full-size sheet in the back of the closet. The rest of the sheets are twin size. These are still "strong" and should be welcomed. I washed up one load to get musty smells out of them. I'm also cleaning out the miscellaneous towel collection, saving enough for me and the occassional two guests. Tomorrow I'll do more hunting and washing. As people are getting back into houses (or trailers) they have to replace so very much.

In the late afternoon I met my "literacy" pupil. She's really nice, reads some, but wants to get her GED so she will be more employable. She's 59 and works with her husband, who does pool leak detection. She's well-spoken and has a good vocabulary. She said she watches the history channel and the like, so if she can sound out a word she may very well have heard it on shows like that. I'm looking forward to our next meeting. This first one was a get-acquainted" and evaluation.

And that's why I describe it as a "mostly" unproductive day. At least I got some things done, even though my body took naps in both morning and afternoon.

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