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BadCat asked to be let out around 3 AM when I got up for a brief visit you know where. And as I was contemplating waking up fully about 7 AM I heard some meows outside. Mighty Huntress wanted to be sure that I saw her latest prey--a mouse. I praised her highly, and then she had herself a nice high-protein breakfast. She left absolutely nothing.

That was a very practical catch. In the past there have been rodent problems, especially when a bunch of woods gets cut down. And the 45 acres behind up is slowly but surely being cut down. I've got one of those electronic rodent-repellers plugged in near the kitchen and so far it seems to be doing pretty well. But it's nice to know that I have an activist rodent disposer-of on the premises.

On the "productivity" front, I got some more weeding done on the driveway. I filled up almost two kitchen-size trash bags. There's a lot more to be done, but every little bit counts. I'll do some more tomorrow afternoon after the Saints game. I'm watching this one on TV. YD and person of her choice are going.

I'm still gathering sheets, towels, and at least one mattress pad for the outreach people. I'll wash up another batch tomorrow.

Mail today had a new Analog and the third in Eric Mayer's mystery series. I had started reading a new Kay Scarpetta (by Patricia Cornwell) mystery, but I am rapidly losing track of who is doing (or has done) what to whom. I'm at the point where if I don't "get into" mind candy reading right away I set it aside. Too much other reading to do, and my purpose with mind candy is to pick up my reading speed again. Also, mind candy reading has to be compatible with watching TV.

And the big news is that, even though I was out at noon pulling weed, I don't think I produced more than a drop or two of sweat!

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