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I watched most of the Saints game this afternoon. Actually, the third quarter was mostly from behind my eyelids, but I opened them when there was yelling. It was a good one, and Reggie Bush got his first NFL touchdown.

It certainly is nice to have a quarterback who can read the opposition quickly enough to get a play off. Brooks took too long to decide what to do, and then it was too late. The commentators said that about half of last year's team is elsewhere. It shows.

YD's husband and a friend of his used the tickets, and he was suitably impressed by the seats and the people in that section. I haven't decided about next week's game yet. I need to find out what YD's plans are etc. Maybe OD's family could use them.

After the game was over I did some weeding along the driveway, using the lawn chair technique. There's a lot to be done, but a little every day and it will neat before I know it.

Tomorrow I get another injection for my back problems. The dr. had planned to do it at the last visit, but it was a chaotic day then and he was running way behind. YD has the day off and will play chauffeur. I bought her a PJ's card and she'll probably eat, drink, and otherwise hide out there where she can get some writing done.

So the Saints have now won four and are at the top of their division. This is not a common occurrence. But it's nice.

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