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I was probably halfway through the day when I realized it was Friday the Thirteenth.

Rain was predicted for this morning, but it hadn't reached me when I left for work, and I had driven through it by the time I got to work. From then on the day nicened. Driving home I passed a three-car (at least) bumper tag--but it was on I-610 just before it joined I-10 (my road). Thus, no traffic back-up for me.

I acquired a new skill--figuring out how to get color copies from the $15K printer. It makes absolutely gorgeous color copies and I think uses a special paper for it. I needed to copy several things from the box I'm processing. Mona's mother had saved all her daughter's letters from a summer session (1946) at Women's College of University of North Carolina and glued them neatly in a scrapbook. That scrapbook paper is acid-loaded and crumbles if you look at, some 50+ years later. (The archivisit said that today's scrapbookers have much higher quality paper available.) That neat arrangement of the letters--complete with envelopes with either 3 cent stamps or 8 cent airmail stamps--was worth preserving--but not the crumbling pages themselves. So, I copied all those envelope-laden pages, then removed the letters, unfolded them, put them in folders, and finally pitched that which I had just copied. With the archivist's blessing.

With the cooler weather comes the awareness that the awning windows which have been wide open for several months will now be closed occassionally. And those windows have aquired quite a load of dust and dirt. I've got to wash them. (Note: This is not what I consider a Fun Job.) So, that should probably head the weekend to-do list. Yuck.

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