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Income Tax, part 1
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It's due midnight Monday for people in Katrinaland.

About an hour and a half ago I bit the bullet and sat down with my file folders, which supposedly become the home of tax deductibles (or taxables) as the mail comes in. What do you know--it's just about complete! One thing is missing--the federal tax booklet. I've got the Louisiana one there, but not the fed's.

I went to my secondary filing area--the end of the couch. (Remember, back at the beginning of the year I was pretty limited in mobility.) I dug and dug and finally found it. I figured I could toss the Medicare booklet all about the drug plan, as well as the explanation book from the pension medical. And I could toss several outdated catalogs.

The only problem was that as I got near the bottom of the stack I saw a lot of cat hair accumulations, and thus had to get the hand vac to clean that up.

This is break number one from assembling the figures, and I do believe it will include lunch also. I have set my brain to running a subprogram that is planning the next steps in the tax thing, while the current "upper brain" is trying to decide whether to light the furnace pilot. (It was 50 this morning, and I hadn't closed very many windows.)

Back to the job at hand. I've been procrastinating income taxes for years now and I have a pretty good idea of how long it takes.

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