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IT, part 2
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This is supper break.

I found that I was reasonably well-organized with my file folders and checks. I think I have "only" to get the figures assembled, then try to sort out the things like calculating how much of my SS is taxable income, this year's capital loss (I had a big one--on paper--several years ago and so I can take the max for a couple of years more), and then doing up detailed lists for medical and charitable.

Why do I do this? I was audited a couple of times, and one of those times they wanted details of the medical. And then the first time we had a casualty loss I took the precaution of sending copies of the pictures of our poor station wagon and the "total loss" report from the Ford people. That didn't help--some twit never bothered checking and asked for all that information. I replied--in a reasonably sarcastically courteous tone--that I had already submitted this info. My refund check arrived shortly.

So, in an attempt to forestall inquiries I detail the medical and charitable--because it doesn't fit on the form.

This year will be a casualty loss year again and I'll be able to deduct a bit of what I paid for the tree removal. I'll include copies of the pictures and the tree guy's official statement. Thank goodness I don't have anything more than that--like furniture and house.

So this evening's project is twofold--medical and charitable. (And at the moment I don't recall where the prescription slips are from last year.)

Isn't this an exciting life that I lead??

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