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5 and 1!!
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The Saints won again! OD was at the game and when she called to make sure she was at the right seats, I could hardly hear her because of the background noise. And that was before the game started.

She called again a few minutes ago--the traffic out of the parking garage was not moving at all. The Saints kicked a field goal to break a tie with three seconds to go. Needless to say, nobody left early. She said some Philadelphia fans commented that they had never heard such crowd noise.

Well of course--the fans are making up for missing last year. And having a team that actually wins close ones.

Unfortunately, the game somewhat "distracted" me from Income Tax. I printed out several forms and instructions and read them during the game, but didn't go back to the number-crunching. So I printed form 4868--the one for an extension. All I have to do now is guesstimate the earnings and the tax due. I'm pretty sure I'm ahead of the game there, and I can always say "poor health." They don't care as long as you are ahead of the government moneywise.

5 and 1. I'm not sure the Saints have ever been at that level. Unbelievable.

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