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I started working on several huge folders/binders/scrapbooks with all sorts of information about trips Mona took.

The first was in 1940, when she was 11. She went to visit relatives in upstate New York, and then down to the city and the 1940 World's Fair. I ended up photocopying the scrapbook pages that had photos glued onto them. I'm not sure what to do about the photos--I'll talk to the archivist Wednesday.

In order to copy the multicolored pages I had to learn another "skill" on that $15K copier--how to do color copies. One of the student workers showed me. They came out really nice.

The scrapbook has the usual memorabilia, but it also has all the letters Mona wrote home. She spent the first part of the trip homesick, even though she was travelling with her aunt. Every letter has something on the order of "I miss you so dreadfully, darlings, and I love you so much."

The next trip was a post-graduation jaunt to Florida and a Newcomb friend. A couple of other Newcomb friends were also there.

And while she was there she decided to go to Upstate New York and visit relatives. Several of the memorabilia were about Watkins Glen. I've been there--when I went to Cornell there was a big freshman orientation held there for several days. We hiked through the glen one day. All I remember was going through a cavern-like bit, and seeing lots of waterfalls. (That's more than 50 years ago!)

As she got older she took more and more trips, including several to Europe. I'll soon learn what we do to archive slides--there are several hundred of them.

When I left this morning it was raining a bit. But since the rains travel from west to east, when I'm going east to west it doesn't stay rainy long. Most of the day looked really pretty, and the rains did not bring a cold front. I think I was about 20 minutes ahead of the afternoon storm. And the weather radar indicates a high probability of rain tonight.

Tomorrow's a home day, and I SHALL be working on the income tax. After all, it won't be all that long before the 2006 forms will be in the mail.

And remember, a bird in hand is likely to whitewash the hand.

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