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A Great Day!
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I'm not sure why I think today has been a great day, but I do have that feeling.

I managed to ignore the income tax stuff on the dining room table. The worst they can do if you file late is charge you huge interest, but they will owe me big time, so that incentive is gone. I figure on getting it in before next Monday.

Instead, I got a cat box cleaned and the trash up front in plenty of time for my collector. Then I loaded up my tote bag and headed for Arby's for lunch and reading. The reading was, of course, geek reading. That's sort of how I rationalize spending the whole afternoon reading. Because after Arby's I went to PJ's. I did get a lot of reading done and managed not to doze off in that lovely comfy chair.

And then I met my reading student next door at BK. She reads a lot better than she thinks she does. In addition to the "assigned" work we discussed the "rules" that sometimes work--like with double vowels the second (generally) makes the first say its name. Think leak, boat, beet, beat, etc. And then she was asking how to figure out pronounciations for the rule-breakers. Out to the car to get my dictionary (what? you don't keep a dictionary in your car?) and then we went over the diacritical marks that "help" with the pronunciations. From there we went to definitions. And I suggested she get herself a somewhat smaller dictionary than mine--like a large paperback--and look up words she didn't know. Also to make a list for our next session. I suggested she read at least one thing from the paper--noting unfamiliar words. If she reads, she'll start reading better.

So, it was a good session, I think.

And now I can start to figure out what to wear tomorrow. This is the season when a typical day goes through at least two seasons--and different ones each day.

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