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Visitor (feline)
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My beasts had just finished eating and CC was sitting by a window bathing. The she started a small grrr. I looked out and there was a pretty tiger stumpy on the patio. I'm assuming it belongs to my neighbors.

Lady came over to the door, and I let her out. She and the visitor did a little posturing, and I think there was one grrr from Lady, but that was it. No fight. I suspect Lady has already made the acquaintance of the cats next door, and this one was very polite.

I also suspect that the tree stump just off the lawn was the attraction. It's about 2-3 feet off the ground, and I put critter food on it. And there were several squirrels having a snack. Visitor ran over to it, but the squirrels around here are not stupid and were halfway up nearby trees before the cat was halfway there.

During all this Fabian showed no interest at all in what was concerning the girls.

I'll be interested in seeing how many of the cats next door (they have at least six--but then so did I at one point) come to visit. If today was a sample, there shouldn't be any problems with them sharing territory. All of cats (hers and mine) have been fixed, and that helps.

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