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Second day on Standard Time. The drive in this morning was NOT marked by the sun shining directly in my eyeball. No, that was the situation this afternoon as I neared home. My street is sub-standard width, with ditches for drainage. It didn't help that there was a mini-traffic jam in front of a house--a sheriff's car, a crime lab van, and a couple of other cars. I'll probably never know what the to-do was because a) YD is no longer part of the local constabulary (instead she sees dead people) and b) I don't even bother taking the local rag's free throws out of their plastic wrappers.

I did more copying of a scrapbook/album. This is the one where the paper is shattering when you glance at it. I figured out how to down-size the copies, and I left a huge mess of paper drivels at the copy machine.

And as I was sitting there copying, a couple came in that I knew from Tulane days--a prof and his wife--who had been a fellow student at the time. We chatted briefly. I don't think they expected to see me there. They live somewhere up north now.

Tomorrow I don't have to cope with the sun in my eyes. My car clock I left on Daylight Time. It's easier to do that than find the instructions twice a year. Anyway, it's DT longer than ST.

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