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That's why I changed the colors and format. I shall probably change each month. Why brown? Because by November deciduous leaves are that color and lying on the ground in four-seasons areas.

My body is not yet used to the time change. My sleep last night wasn't helped by the sudden sound of a cat leaping at a screen. CC had spotted a little lizard on the screen and managed to knock it (the lizard) down. By the time I got the light on it was done for. Fabian was watching this activity and he may also have had a paw in on the subduing activity.

Well, the tiger stumpy is NOT one of my neighbor's cats. She (neighbor) and I arrived home from work this afternoon at about the same time, so we chatted a bit.

And on the subject of animals--I found evidence that a rabbit is coming to the yard! I started putting out critter food again, with most of it on a 3 ft. high stump at the edge of the yard. The squirrels like that (and the proximity of tall trees) and so does BadCat. She spends a lot of time looking at them, but they are not dumb animals. As soon as she makes even a twitch toward them they are up those trees, chittering away like mad.

I spent almost the entire work day making copies of an album/scrapbook. This is the really old one and this is the second day I've been copying it. It's not just a matter of copying the pages--frequently there is a booklet preserved, and so I have to copy the entire booklet as well. Cards get copied both front and inside. With luck I'll be done with the copying tomorrow.

Because the copying is not top-priority work, and getting funding requests submitted is, I also did a bunch of proof-reading of grant proposals.

This morning I lucked out when I was taking my box of goodies upstairs. I need two hands for going up and down stairs, so when I can't carry something in a bag, I reach forward and put it on the steps about three steps up. When I get next to it I repeat the process. I had just started up the stairs when a student came in and offered to carry the box upstairs for me. I of course thanked her profusely. (I didn't have to get it back downstairs because I'll be working on it more tomorrow.)

I figure that by next week I'll be changing my glasses about halfway home and quite possibly turning on my headlights.

(Yes, I count this as an IUD.)

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