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Third Day
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Note to self: those three days a week of work should NOT be consecutive.

Next week I see no reason not be back on my usual MWTh routine.

I guess it's because I've had a MWF work schedule for a bunch of years and am used to being able to do things if not tomorrow, then the next day.

More Mona today, and I'm still slogging through the charitable annuities. She also gave annual donations to the Tulane Library for books to memorialize her father and also to memorialize her cats and dogs. Her files have several letters from the Rare Books person, and s/he talks with much delight about special "finds."

The (Women's Center) library got some more new furniture today and revisions made to some of the stuff they installed last week. I just stayed back in my "cavern" working on the archives. (My desk--aka card table--is back where boxes of archives are stored and books needing to be processed are stacked on shelves.

Highway 11 is looking distinctly "tidier" after two days of house-eating machines doing their thing. They have a ways to go yet, though. And it looks like more and more people have gotten their camps back to a liveable state.

The ducks have returned, although there aren't as many as in previous years. One person built them a house. Maybe they are his ducks, or maybe he just likes to provide a shelter.

On the other side of the road about half the apartment buildings have been repaired and look occupied again. The storage facility that flooded has been cleaned out and cleaned up and is attracting customers again. I guess the moral is "don't use a storage center so close to water that may likely rise and flood all your stored belongings."

Probaly this evening, in between trying to stay awake while watching TV, I should sort of make at least a mental list of weekend to-so stuff. If I include things like "grocery shop" and some other stuff I do almost automatically I'll finish the weekend with a sense of accomplishment.


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