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Half Time
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Well, the Saints are ahead of last year's Super Bowl champs--the Steelers. After so many bad years, this is on the unbelievable side.

And, my house guest has left. A couple of days ago my honorary son called to say he was going to drive down from Detroit and show up at YD's signing today. As a surprise for her. He got here in the early evening yesterday and we had a good time talking. He's 40 and eligible for military retirement! (He's AF Reserve.) I've know him since he was about ten or eleven!

He and his wife are always welcome--they are perfectly content with the futon and more than willing to "make" the bed. And they put it all back together before they leave. Just like family.

My two indoor cats had quite a time of it--they are both very loving to me, but this was a STRANGER in their house and they kept their distance. Now they're back to being all over the place.

Remember the other day when I mention hearing a tree go "thunk," but no noises of roof tearing? Well, it was my neighbor's tree, and while it missed buildings most of it ended in my yard. And it took down the electric line to the pool and the "office" shed, plus of course squashing a chunk of fence. No big deal, and since I have other work sitting around for the electrician I'll give him a call and see if he can find time to take care of all the little stuff.

They were so apologetic. They didn't push the tree down, and it was in with a bunch of other trees in the semi-back part of their lot. I have such a tall weed collection in that area that I didn't spot it scattered across the sidewalk.

Once the game is over I need to go to the drugstore and pick up some prescriptions I called in. I love Walgreen's automated renewal system--it saves so much time. And, I don't even have to get out of the car--they have a drive-up window.

Half time is no doubt over--time to go back to watching the game.

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