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might appear to be an "easy entry" day, since Rhubarb tagged me as a to talk about weird things.

The first thing is to differentiate between weird and unusual. If I eliminate the "of or about ghosts, evil spirits" that are in the first dictionary definition and go to the one that says "strikingly odd, strange, fantastic, bizarre . . ." I may be able to come up with something. But six somethings?? hmmm.

1. My hair. It's long, and I wear it in a low pony tail. Although I'm 70 it is still essentially a mud brown color. Naturally.

2. I haven't a clue as to who is who on the latest so-called "Survivor" show. Or, in fact, if there's even one going on now.

3. I've never watched American Idol.

4. I still read lots of science fiction. Of course, that's weird only to the majority of the world. I would guess that the majority of you reading this are also weird that way.

5. I don't have central air conditioning. And I live in the Deep South. I have a window unit only in my "office" room.

6. My first response to Christmas is "bah humbug." And I almost said it out loud yesterday at WalMart as "O Holy Night" wafted down from the speakers. We're still over three weeks before Thanksgiving!

Okay--shall I go ahead and tag six others? Nahh--I'll be nice. If you want to do this one, tag yourself.

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