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I was just about done with an entry and lost it when I tried to look at another site. Rats.

So, it will be highlights only.

It rained a bit off and on today, but my tree got delivered and planted anyway. As soon as it's dry again I need to start at the new tree and gradually weed around it. I wonder if there's any way to avoid becoming covered by seeds hitching a ride on my slacks. I tried to avoid high grasses and weeds this morning, but was quite unsuccessful. I am a spreader of seeds par excellence.

Most of today ended up being spent reading the fifth book in Eric Mayer's John the Eunuch series. I started out reading that one at PJ's this afternoon, but sort of never got around to switching to the "geek" book I'd also brought along. This evening I'll finish Five . . . and maybe start on a Ben Bova I bought last Sunday. (And I don't recall the title.)

A cold front is coming this way--the rain is ahead of it. Cold as in 40s tomorrow night. That means it will ba two cat night at the minimum. If Fabian joins the crowd it will be the equivalent of a four or five cat night.

Miscellaneous note--I took about four copies of Asimov's and Analog to PJ's and put them on the "reading" shelf. When I left they were all gone.

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