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Cold Front
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Well, the rain rained this morning and the wind winded blew. When I went out after lunch some of the ditches on my street were still overflowing. When I got back from being out the streets were dry, but the ditches still full.

We were lucky--a bit north of us there were tornadoes and one man was killed, not to mention a huge amount of damage in a couple of towns.

And now it's dry and getting colder. Tomorrow is supposed to be in the forties at get-up time. With that temperature forecast I bet I'll have some cuddly cats tonight! Fabian has made himself a deep nest in the sleeping bag, but he might still want some body heat.

I was just going through some of my "regular" reads and went to Al-Jazeera to see if they had a new cartoon up. I went through Riverbend's link and got a "we can't find that page." Then I found the link in my favorites. I got the masthead for the paper, but no news copy or anything.

Hmmmm - anyone for a bit of censorship? Nah--just coincidence, right?

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