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Dry and Cool
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All that wind and rain yesterday opened the way for a high pressure system which, in this time and place, means cold. To compensate, it was clear and sunny.

And, it was back to Mona. Since Monday "they" rearranged the area in the stacks for doing archive processing. I have a much larger table, but the thing that was holding all sorts of "stuff" got moved. The people doing the rearranging, however, recognize that basically nothing should be seriously disturbed, and I soon found everything I needed.

I have now gotten most of the stuff relating to her library donations "processed" and in temporary folders. I've learned more about Mona, including some addresses and names in case I want to do an extended biographical piece.

The student worker from North Dakota came in this afternoon with a sore arm--she'd gotten a tattoo yesterday. I asked her what it was and she said a palm tree. And it was hurting! A couple of months ago another student was busy planning another tattoo. I'm still getting used to the idea of body art.

Piercings are another thing to get used to. Ears--okay, except that when I was in high school only "fast" girls had them. Unless, of course, the ears were pierced for increased safety for very expensive earrings. The kid (male) who works MWF mornings has at least three (visible) piercings, including one through his lip and another through his eyebrow.

Being around young people is interesting.

It's supposed to get into the 40s again tonight. That means very cuddly cats.

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