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Tired Tonight
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Not really sure why, unless it was all the boxes that I moved around. Excuse me--not boxes but cartons. What's the difference? Cartons are the size that will hold about twelve reams of typing paper. Boxes are smaller.

I learned this tidbit when the downstairs librarian managed to find the book with the numbers we put on fully-processed collections. I had signed out seven numbers a while back, but I needed more. And there was no sign of the book. Christina (downstairs librarian) finally found it tucked away in the archivist's office.

So, I signed out another five numbers and started doing the paperwork on the completed boxes cartons. When I gave her copies of the paperwork, she asked about what I'd described as a "small box." That's when I learned about the difference between a box and a carton.

Now doesn't that tidbit of information make your day?

Weather-wise, today was probably a typical S. E. Louisiana winter day. It was a bit above 40 in the morning, and I don't think it got to 70 in the afternoon. The sun was bright and there were little puffy clouds in the brilliant blue sky.

Traffic-wise, I was driving home when there were only a few idiots on the road. There was a bit of an accident before the high rise, in my lane, but it was mostly dents--in five cars. The ambulance that had made a lot of us change lanes didn't hang around. There was almost no slowdown approaching the lake, and only slightly more as we drove through the area where the house-eaters are working.

Next week is a two-day week--Thanksgiving breaklet.

Think I'll try to get to bed a bit early tonight.

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