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A Lost Morning
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I had the TV on for human voices and somehow ended up on a channel with a movie. It was Destry Rides Again, with Audie Murphy. I don't believe I ever saw it, but I got hooked. And there went the morning. Basically, this gave some weeds a slight reprieve.

So, the rest of today has been a more or less standard Saturday--lunch at Arby's, then (geek) reading and coffee at PJ's.

I did make a stop on the way home, however, and got some stuff for fixing up the shabby-looking handles on some totes I use.

And that was it, unless you count the hourly interruptions by my Calico Cutie. About once an hour she perks up, looks around, then comes over to me meowing loudly (and her meow has a Siamese accent) until I give her some serious petting and head-scritching.

Monster Man (Fabian) has two places that are his current favorites for sleeping--curled up on the fluffy sleeping bag, and curled up on the chair I'm sitting in at the computer. Needless to say, at the moment he is on the sleeping bag.

Lady (aka BadCat when she is outside) has decided that the cooler weather calls for sleeping inside at night. She has started early today--she's curled up on a stack of stuff in my office.

And that's my incredibly unremarkable 11/18.

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