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I knew the Saints would lose today--Tulane won yesterday in the Dome, and LSU also won.

In the first case, it seems as though the Superdome cannot handle two wins in a weekend.

In the second case, the times that Louisiana has had a trifecta, so to speak, are few and far between.

Therefore, it came as no surprise that the Bengals took today's game.

Somehow, I had the impression that it was at 3:15, and YD and I had made plans accordingly. She called me about 11:30, with the news that it appeared that I was wrong. And I was. I hadn't taken the tickets out of their envelope yet, or I would have known.

Oh well--there's another home game in two weeks. At noon. And we WILL get to it.

So, I spent the afternoon acting as a feline heating pad while I watched the Saints and then the Colts.

What's a feline heating pad? That's when a cat is taking body heat from you. At one point they were both on me or next to me. Lady is not particularly interested in the great outdoors when the great outdoors is cold. She goes out to potty and watch a few birds and squirrels, but comes right back in.

The birds and squirrels seem to appreciate the free food, and know enough to keep a wary eye on the cat. When I had the big pine removed last fall I asked the tree guy to leave about a three foot high stump. I put lots of critter food on it and around it.

The coming week is a short one--Tulane is closed starting Wednesday. I suppose I should give thoughtful consideration to getting some yard work done. But I sort of plan to make some cheese/garlic bread to take on Thanksgiving. And I haven't baked in absolutely forever, so I figure I should make a batch BEFORE the stuff to give away. I discovered today that apparently Cheddar Cheese soup is no longer available. Nacho Cheese is, so I'll use that. Another reason to do a sample batch of the bread. If I make it Monday I can take it in to work Tuesday. There are plenty of students around, and food disappears quickly.

Tired tonight--probably because I've done so little.

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