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I spent the entire day at the copier, first copying photos in an album--and that meant fronts and backs, since the backs had IDs for the front--and then from a scrapbook of a bout with pneumonia. The pneumonia entailed hospitalization, and Mona got TONS of cards. And the outsides AND insides had to be copied. Those were in a scrapbook with the usual crumbling pages. The hospitalization was 1967, so that gives you an idea of the useful life of "regular" scrapbook pages.

I brought home what I think will be a huge treat for the squirrels and birds. The people at the center were wondering what to do with the pumpkin and three multi-colored corn shucks that had graced the lobby for the last month, and I thought of my forest friends. One of the student workers loaded the stuff into the back of my car.

When I got home I tried dropping the pumpkin on the edge of the tree stump, to crack it open, but it bounced. I wonder if I'll have pumpkin vines there next year. That would be neat!

The weather people are saying it will be in the 30s tonight, and the city's "freeze plan" hasa been put into effect. Only problem is that half the shelter centers used in the past got zapped by Katrina.

I expect that I will have at least two cats sharing heat with me tonight.

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