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Happy Squirrels
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The multicolored corn ears are a huge success! The squirrels are working very diligently at cleaning them off. I haven't had a chance to crack the pumpkin open, but I'm sure the wildlife will like that just as well.

I registered for Holidailies this afternoon. I may have been doing it ever since it started, or not too long after. I started my journal in 2001, so I've probably been doing it since then.

Last year I knew I'd be out of the country for the first few days, so I pre-wrote entries and gave YD insructions on posting them. She decided Journalscape was easier and signed me up for it. She also posted entries for about another ten days or so after I got home--and had the surgery for the broken hip. I dictated them via telephone each evening.

I truly hope this year is much less eventful. There is something to be said for IUDs.

I worked today, but left about 3 o'clock. I wanted to get home in time to feed the beasts before I met my literacy student. Actually, she reads quite well and is developing the dictionary habit. We're working on GED prep now. Her big goal is to get that so she can get career training at a proprietary school--like the kind that turn out nursing assistants and LPNs.

Yesterday when I turned up my street it looked like there was a fire down the road. And as I got further it looked like it was in my block. I don't think it was a fire, but smoke from some intensive chain-sawing. The giant very dead tree in front of my fence (on parish property) is now in pieces in the ditch. Other dead stuff on parish property has been trimmed or taken down. I figure eventually the parish will come and pick up the dead-and-down in the ditches. I may do some trimming myself and add my trimmings to the parish stuff.

Last night, although it was cold, did not end up being a multi-cat night. Lady found a spot in my office that is soft and gets heat from a register and she spent the night there. She has definitely become an indoor cat at night when it's cold.

Tomorrow morning I need to get to WalMart early to get food bank food. The people we're going to on Thanksgiving put on a huge spread, but ask all their (many) guests to bring donations for a local food bank. And I can't find the cheese soup or the yeast, so I need to buy some more.

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