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Not me--Fabian, the 25 pound bundle of feline weirdness. He is trying to get into the box containing the battery back-up surge suppressor that I bought more than a year ago. (His volume is about double that of the box.)

It's still in the box because it recommends a 20 amp circuit, which I don't have. And I don't have it because soon after I bought the darned thing we had this little storm. And the chances of finding an electrician that isn't backed up weeks? I don't want to think about. I realize it's been well over a year since Katrina, but there are still so very many places waiting to be rebuilt. So it sits in its box. Fabian has managed to get one paw inside, but only because the end of the box is sort of torn. (I wonder how that happened?)

I ran the vacuum around today, and it's worth the effort to have the little trails of kitty litter dust disappear.

The commercial trash people did not "steal" my trash this morning. So what--I'll just leave it there until Tuesday.

The multi-colored corn is completely gone. The husks are left, but the rest has been taken away. I've seen squirrels take entire ears of corn and carry them off. There's not much progress on the pumpkin--maybe tomorrow I'll take another whack at it with the shovel.

They put a Christmas tree up at PJ's. Bah humbug. Have I mentioned that this is my least favorite time of year?

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