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The Saints really stuck it to the Falcons this afternoon. They overwhwelmed the Falcons when they played in New Orleans (reopening of the Superdome) and did almost as thorough a job of winning today.

When I got to the WalMart parking lot this morning I found it almost empty. It was 9 AM--later than I usually get there. I guess almost everybody used up their money on Friday and Saturday. Inside there was no wait at all for a checker. Really strange.

It's been pretty much of a nothing day. I read the paper when I got back from shopping, then watched the football game. Once the Saints had won it was safe to have a sinking spell (nap).

Last night's sleep was somewhat interrupted when CC went after a lizard. I didn't know what her problem was, but it sounded like she was climbing up on a shelf with a bunch of stuff on it. I got out of bed (I sleep on the couch) and saw her watching a lizard tail twitching on the floor. This morning I found the rest of the lizard near the front porch. Never a dull moment with cats.

This afternoon the tiger stumpy came by. The only way I knew that was I happened to look out the window and saw it on the patio. BadCat was curled up in the overly long grass while the squirrels and birds happily noshed nearby. Obviously she does not consider the stumpy a threat.

Holidailies already has 111 people signed up! I usually find one or two new journals to follow each year. The big disappointment, however, is that sometimes these people quit journalling for the most part once the month is done.

Other than the Saints win, today was definitely an IUD.

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