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I saw this in the store and figured it would be a quick-read mind candy book.

I have spent a large part of today consuming said mind candy. It's cute and faintly weird. I hope to finish it this evening, then tag it (bookcrossings) and leave it at PJ's my next trip there.

Today was an at-home day, and I spent the morning being reasonably virtuous and catching up on household financials. Then I took that 120+ page thing I downloaded yesterday and went off for the afternoon. First stop was the little printshop, where I left it to be spiral-bound and stiff first and last pages added. By the time I had gotten to PJ's it was done!

After reading for a while I went and picked it up (it cost all of three dollars) and then headed for the WalMart/Sam's area. I figured it would be faster to add about two miles to the trip and take the interstate, rather than creep up the one-lane-each-way shorter route.

My goal was gasoline. My car does three round trips to New Orleans on a tank. It would probably do four, but that's not the game to play when there is always the strong possibility of a major traffic backup. (And as I headed home the lane going the other way was moving somewhere between a creep and a crawl.)

Gas is sufficiently cheaper at Sam's to justify the slight extra mileage, besides which I'm out there where I can pick up things I forgot to buy on Sunday shopping.

So, once it's been an IUD.

One more day till Holidaialies!

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