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When I got in to work this morning I had to go upstairs to find someone with a key to the library. The downstairs librarian was there and headed back downstairs.

I fixed myself some coffee and stopped to chat a moment with the archivist. She told me she had just e-mailed me something about archival treatment of personal records. Okay.

When I got home I read the mail, clicked on the link, and then started printing it out.

This is not just an article--it's 126 printed pages! For a minute I thought that half of it would be on blue or cream paper, but I found another ream of white.

My next problem is figuring out a simple way to keep it together. And I'll bet my friendly local printer can do that. I may just go and have it spiral-bound. Or ask for his advice. The stack of pages is more than 1/2 an inch high!

But it does look quite interesting and should be helpful in what I'm doing. I told Susan that since a) Betsy will be back at Xavier and b) it's highly unlikely that the student population will skyrocket the second semester, I will be around for several more months at least.

I put a note on my calendar to remind me to comment on the absolutely gorgeous fall colors on the trees.

The Chinese tallow--which is really a weed tree--turns anywhere from yellow to deep dark red, with everything in between. My tallows are usually just dull old yellow, but this year they have added oranges and corals. I think the color has something to do with the rainfall and soil chemistry.

There is another tree that I think of as a "candle tree" because its branches make it look like there's a flame at the top shapewise--and at this time of year those leaves are a deep red. Very Christmassy.

Because we are so far south, the trees don't even think about turning till mid-November, so we are lucky enough to have the deciduous trees decorating themselves for the holidays.

Two more days till Holidailies begins. I need to see if I can put the linked logo on my site. I've done it in the past, but not recently,

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