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Let's see--there's to, too, two, and tutu. Why does the number two have a silent "w" in it?

A quick look at the big Webster's tells me that it comes from the Old English twa (for the feminine and neuter) and is related to the German zwei.

The dictionary goes on with a really non-defining definition: "the cardinal number between one and three."

How about that!! that really defines it well.

There is a strange noise in the room--the cat is snoring. Loudly. He's not stretched out on his back either, but is all curled up, so I can't stop the snoring by telling him to roll over. (I'm talking about the marmalade monster--Fabian.)

When I went out for my afternoon reading and coffee at PJ's I took along the 121 page, newly spiral-bound master's thesis about the importance (archivally speaking) of collections--not just of material objects, but also of words. I got about halfway through it and found it pleasantly interesting. Unfortunately, I also underlined one of the books cited, which, if the price is reasonable, I shall probably purchase. I might as well learn as much as possible about archiving etc.

Tomorrow is a Saints at-home game. I think it's against the 49ers. And it is at noon--I triple and quintuple checked the tickets. I hope YD remembers that I got her a sweatshirt a couple of weeks ago.

And that brings up an interesting question.

I called her this afternoon (cell phone) and got a recorded response saying that her phone was broken and giving an alternate number. My question: if the phone is broken, how was she able to record the message?

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