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Dictionary definitions: totalling one more than two; the cardinal number between two and four; something numbered three, such as a playing card.

It's pretty hard to define numbers. When you stop to think about it, the fact that almost all of us learn the concepts and names for quantities in our early years is rather amazing.

Another pretty amazing thing is that the Saints won big-time today against the San Francisco 49ers. The Saints' current record is 8 and 4. We are at the top of the Southern division of the NFC, and the playoffs are looking increasingly likely. Not only that, but we might even have a playoff game at home.

Home football games take up the best part of a day. The game starts at noon (usually), which means leaving Slidell about 10 AM. The drive takes roughly an hour, but we usually stop at a Subway and get our lunch, which we eat after we park.

Today there was a lot of activity on the roof of the parking garage--all sorts of young people tossing footballs back and forth. There always some formal tailgaters, although we just stay inside the car to eat.

We left about fifteen minutes before the end, so that we would not get caught in the departing traffic. It can take as long as half an hour to get down from the roof parking and out onto the street. (The Saints had a very comfortable lead when we left.)

And that's the limit of my "creative thought" regarding three and what would have been an unremarkable day had the Saints not won.

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