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Another I.U.D.
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Another IUD and I'm trying to figure out how to work Four into it. Or For. Or go mountain accent and have Fer. Change the vowel but not the sound and it's fur.

And there we go! Fur. My cats have a lot of it, and they are very generous and share it with me, preferably when I am wearing clothing that contrasts with their abandoned fur.

And there is no color that is "safe" in this houehold. At one time we had nothing but black cats. But now I have the monster marmalade, the calico cutie, and the little black and white cat. All fur colors present in that particular pride of cats.

They all love to be brushed, and as a result there is a dedicated-to-cats brush in every room. They also like to be combed, especially with the comb that snags any pesky fleas.

Animal fur gets thicker during the cold seasons. Does that happen also to human hair?

Fer what it's worth, I think I've gone about as fer as I can go--with fur.

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