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Five--that's half of ten little piggies. It's the average number of days in a U. S. (paid) work week. It's the paper money with Lincoln's picture on the obverse.

Why is the Roman numeral for five V?

The fifth book in Eric Mayer's John the Eunuch series is (are you ready?) Five for Silver! I finished that one a while ago, set it free (via bookcrossings) at PJ's, and it had been "captured" by the time I left that day.

This was a basically blah day. Most of my reading today was about archives, although I did get started on the next Mayer book. I got a huge load of laundry done, and it's in the dryer waiting for me to fold it and put it away.

BUT--I forgot to get gas when I went out! I need to leave myself some big notes so I remember to get it on the way to work. My tank and mileage give me three round trips into New Orleans and a bunch of stuff around town. Usually I gas up on Sunday, after doing WalMart. This week, however, I finished shopping way before 9 AM when the gas station opens. Since the previous week had had only two work days I knew I'd be fine Monday. I didn't happen to glance at the odometer till I was on my way home this afternoon.

So, I shall get the more expensive gas at the Shell station on the south side of town. (I could probably make the round trip, but that would be asking for massive traffic snarls.)

And the only mildly interesting "five" terms in the dictionary are "five o'clock shadow" (you don't hear commercials about that any more), "five star" (if five star is good, wouldn't six star be even better?), and "five and ten cent store." Are there even any more of those around? I guess the Dollar stores are today's 5 & 10.

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