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Ten is a really boring number with few entries in my trusty dictionary. Its presence as the first syllable of a word seldom has anything to do with its numeric value.

Some examples: ten sim' eter This is an instrument that measures the differences in vapor pressure two liquids. Right--try and slip that one into ordinary conversation.

ten rec' This is any of a family of small burrowing Madagascar animals who live on insects.

I'm posting (relatively) early this evening because the Saints are playing the Cowboys at 7 PM CST.

The rest of the day has been "as usual"--groceries, gas up the car for the week, come home, put away groceries, then binge on Swiss rolls while I read the paper. I did some cat box cleaning, trash putting-out, and then my body had a "sinking spell" while the Carolina Panthers lost their game. (The loss was a good thing--they're in the same division as the Saints.) In other words, a normal incredibly unremarkable day.

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