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Nine is the last single-digit numeral in the "regular" numeration system. That is, unless you're one of those people who writes a single digit with a zero in front, like the date thingy on this website.

When you stop and think about it, each of the numerals in a decimal system should have a single digit in the first decade. Except that 10 to the zeroith power is 1. And ten to the first power is 10. Whatever. (All of the preceding applies to base 10 numeration.)

Once again, Rhubarb has gotten pretty much all of the nines around. Except for ninepins. This is a bowling-type game that doesn't use ten pins, but (are you ready?) NINE of them. The dictionary does not tell how they are set out.

In base 9, today's date would be 10. And tomorrow 11.

Totally confused?

I taught seventh grade math to advanced sixth graders at a private school one year, and one of the chapters in the text was about working in different bases. It is definitely good mental exercise. (In base 4 today's date is 21, assuming the digits used are 0, 1, 2, 3.)

The mail today had a letter from the Saints. I figured it was the notice that if I renewed by such and such a date my tickets would be at last year's price. But no--it was my chance to purchase a pair of playoff tickets! The NFL sees that a home game is a possibility, so time to issue the tickets. If it doesn't happen, then the money will apply to next year's tickets, or it will be refunded. Of course my check will be in the mail Monday.

Tomorrow's game will be in the evening on ESPN. It's against the Cowboys. Cross fingers. They'd better be playing "to the nines" (perfection) !

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