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Did it again!
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Once again Book Span absorbed my entire Saturday morning. This time it was a rebroadcast of three hours with Jimmy Carter, talking about all of his books, especially his newest one about Palestine.

So many books, and only 24 hours in a day.

Carter is a very interesting person to listen to. I probably didn't vote for him in 1976. I was brought up in a rabidly Republican household, where FDR probably had the status of the antichrist. It wasn't until I started reading history in an academic environment that I began to switch views politically.

Of course, over the years political parties change, as do our individual interests and concerns.

One tidbit I hadn't really considered, re: which party was more civil rights oriented: The armed forces were desegrated around 1948--by executive order of Truman, a southern Democrat. The Civil Rights bills of the mid-70s were signed by another southern Democrat.

So, the morning is shot, although time spent learning and thinking is never wasted. Besides, it usually contributes to longer life for dust and weeds.

Must go attack the dust bunnies.

(I'll talk about Nine this evening.)

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