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Now that I have warmed up slightly (or started getting used to the cold) I'll turn my thinking to EIGHT.

Guess what two numbers it comes between!

That's right: VII and IX.

Thinking about Eight today, I realized that I am now in my (gasp!) Eighth decade of life. And I have nine and a half more years to go in it. We shall think positively, and since most of my ancestors were solidly into their ninth decades when they passed, it's relatively easy to think positively.

Rhubarb posts in the morning and got a bunch of stuff about Eight that I was thinking about.

The dictionary isn't too helpful today--most of it is about eighteen. Another ten days and I'll share those.

Ahh--there's the card game Crazy Eights. I think I used to play it, but darned if I can remember anything about it now.

My shoe size used to be 8. As the years went on my feet flattened out and now I'm a 9.

The 8th month of the year is August. The tenth month of the year is October--and "octo" is the prefix for 8. Well, back when the Romans were making up month names, it WAS the eighth month. Just like December was the tenth month.

I can't remember when the month names ceased to having true meanings. Anyway, the Muslim calendar has different names for the months, as does the Hebrew calendar. And probably a bunch of others,

Today was NOT a work day, but I spent a goodly amount of time this afternoon draped over a chair at PJ's reading about archival materials--how and why paper degrades and how to (mostly) prevent it.

I finished Six for Gold. Hurry up Eric and Mary!

The evening news carried the whole story about the iced up interstate. It seems that a pipe leaked and the water froze making the road extremely slick. After about eight cars (or more) had piled up together they began detouring cars to the "old" roads. But some of them had iced a bit too. I think they said I-10 running through Metairie (adjacent to New Orleans on the west) was closed at least two hours. They also reported that there had been a significant tie-up on the non-interstate street I usually travel in New Orleans. Glad it wasn't a work day.

Three more days till we hit another prime number.

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