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Yes, I know for some of you 27 degrees (above zero)fahrenheit is a warm day. I spent several winters in Wyoming in the early sixties.

But around here it is most definitely NOT considered warm. Add to that water on part of a major interstate and you have ice. And chaos.

Basically, I-10 is closed for a stretch just west of New Orleans. And is that ever messing up commuting, since it's the eastbound half!!

I knew it was cold when the furnace kept running during the night--and I turn that all the way down to about 55 at bedtime.

BadCat had insisted on going out last night. I gave her several chances to come in, but I'm betting she was in the garage. When she finally did come in she made a beeline for the bathroom, where there is a vent to sleep on and/or a soft rug which is lovely and warm due to being over a duct.

On the other hand, it's brilliantly sunny.

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